Rock Climbing

Trad Climbing

Top Single Pitch Ascents

Looning the TubeE1 5aAustralia, North Wales23/09/2021
No Musketeers DirectE1 5cShorn Cliff, Wye Valley29/08/2021
SolsticeHVS 5aBus Stop Quarry, North Wales23/09/2021
The Laughing CavaliersHVS 5aShorn Cliff, Wye Valley25/09/2020
Lancashire WallHVS 5aStanage Popular, Peak District19/09/2020

Top Multi Pitch Ascents

Jacobs Ladder16 (ZA)Table Mountain, Cape Town23/05/2022
Staircase13 (ZA)Table Mountain, Cape Town26/02/2020
Grooved Arete HVD 4aTryfan, North Wales20/09/2021
Creagh Dhu WallHS 4bTremadog, North Wales10/07/2021
Aquanaut15 (ZA)Lions Head, Cape Town10/02/2020

Sport Climbing

Top Ascents

Screwballed!7aCheddar Gorge North, Cheddar21/08/2022
Out of Reach, Out of Mind6cBattleship Edge, Portland14/08/2021
The Doppler Effect6cNeddyfields, Portland23/06/2019
Inch Perfect, Inchworm6b+Battleship Edge, Portland30/05/2021
Stonetown6b+Cheddar Gorge North, Cheddar07/08/2020

Top Multi Pitch Ascents

Space Tourist6b+Cheddar Gorge South, Cheddar10/09/2022
Renov5aSierra de Toix, Calpe03/01/2022
Via Normale Quarta BassaIII+Cinqui Torre, Dolomites28/07/2018
Cilber5cSierra de Toix, Calpe28/12/2017
La somoneD-5bAiguilles Rouges, Chamonix14/07/2017

Climbing Trips

  • Peak District, UK, July 2015
  • Chamonix, France, August 2016
  • Chamonix, France, July 2017
  • Costa Blanca, Spain, December 2017
  • Cape Town, South Africa, January 2018
  • Sicily, Italy, April 2018
  • North Wales, UK, May 2018
  • Peak District, UK, June 2018
  • Dolomites, Italy, July 2018
  • Kyparissi / Leonidio, Greece, January 2019
  • Peak District, UK, May 2019
  • North Wales, UK, May 2019
  • Lake District, UK, August 2019
  • Costa Blanca, Spain, November 2019
  • Cape Town, South Africa, January 2020
  • Peak District, UK, September 2020
  • North Wales, UK, July 2021
  • North Wales, UK, September 2021
  • Costa Blanca, Spain, January 2022
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