London Capital Ring

2021 run with Leanne. In memory of Daphne.

© TfL

The Capital Ring is a 126km (78 miles) circular route circumnavigating London. The route is managed by Transport for London and is clearly sign posted. The route is officially a walking event, although we decided to run it. The route is broken into 15 official segments.

The run was planned and executed as a lockdown event during the second UK lockdown. We based our running legs on the official TfL segments, however, we started the route from our nearest section – Osterley lock (section 8). The aim was to avoid the use of public transport, given the pandemic restrictions. We drove to each start point progressively, this meant running the forward leg and then running back to the van. The return leg was mostly the same as the forward route but sometimes we took the most direct line back.

Leg 1 – Section 8 – Osterley Lock to Greenford

Distance: 8km

Highlights: Grand Union Canal, River Brent Wharncliffe Viaduct and Brent Lodge Park

Leg 2 – Section 9 – Greenford to South Kenton

Distance: 8.6km

Highlights: Paradise Fields Wetlands, Horsenden Hill and Wood, Harrow School, the Grand Union Canal and Northwick Park

Leg 3 – Section 10 – South Kenton to Hendon

Distance: 9.4km

Highlights: Fryent Country Park, Barn Hill, St Andrews Churches, Hendon Park, The Welsh Harp Open Space, Preston Park and Brent Reservoir

Leg 4 – Section 11 – Hendon to Highgate

Distance: 7.7km


Leg 5 – Section 12 – Highgate to Stoke Newington

Distance: 8.3km


Leg 6 – Section 13 & 14 – South Newington to Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park

Distance: 15.2km (5.9km + 9.3km)


Leg 7 – Section 15 & 1 – Beckton District Park to Woolwich to Falconwood

Distance: 15.1km (5.6km + 9.5km)


Leg 8 – Section 2 & 3 – Falconwood to Grove Park to Crystal Park

Distance: 19.1km (6.9km + 12.2km)


Leg 9 – Section 4 & 5 – Crystal Palace to Streatham to Wimbledon Park

Distance: 15.2km (5.3km + 9.9km)


Leg 10 – Section 6 – Wimbledon Park to Richmond Bridge

Distance: 10km


Leg 11 – Section 7 – Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock

Distance: 6.3km


Disclaimer: All gpx data is supplied for information only. The gpx data is taken from my route planning and used by me on the course. I accept no responsibility or liability regarding the accuracy of the data.

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