During these unprecedented times I have compiled a list of items that should be considered prior to booking or attending a course. I have scheduled below procedures that are in place to ensure as safe an environment as practical.


Courses will be held at venues in compliance with current Government guidance and in-line with BMC advice. This is liable to change at short notice and I will keep you up-to-date with any developments upon booking a course.

The use of public transport is not recommended if at all possible. If public transport is used, please ensure adequate social distancing is observed and the use of face masks and hand sanitiser is implemented.

Health & Hygiene

I have a written a risk assessment for managing climbing equipment during this period and will ensure that equipment used on the day has been appropriately cleaned prior to use. Safe cleaning methods cannot ensure 100% elimination of the virus but can greatly reduce the risk of contamination. A copy of my risk assessment is available upon request.

All participant items; such as food, drinks, sun cream etc should be kept separate throughout the course as sharing of such items is not recommended.

You are encouraged to bring and use your own hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser will, however, be available from me and its regular use will be encouraged throughout the course.

Social Distancing

Following current Government advise, social distancing will be observed as much as possible. There are brief periods where tactile checks will need to be performed, however, these periods will be kept to a minimum.

During this period I will only be operating with participants from the same household or those within a defined ‘social bubble’ during a course.

Participant Health Status

It is a requirement prior to attending a course, that you confirm that you are not exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms, have not recently had symptoms or are currently isolating due to potential contact. This is imperative for the health and safety of all participants and myself.

I will ensure that I do not run any courses if I am exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms, or have recently had symptoms or if I am currently isolating due to potential contact.

Safety and Risk

Mountain rescue teams are currently operating a very limited service, partly because of limits on the help they are able to safely offer while protecting their members on a call out. It is also clearly very difficult for a mountain rescue team to operate effectively while observing social distancing.

I will ensure that we stay well within our capabilities, avoid any unnecessary risks, and work on the basis that mountain rescue help will be slower to respond with reduced capability if we get into any difficulties.


I will not be held liable for any claim related to Covid-19.

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